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Here are a few stories you may have missed from the week that was …

The Pop-Up Disrupting The Business School Market | Forbes

It’s impossible to say that business school is for everyone. There’s a price and a significant portion of the potential market either cannot afford it, or isn’t willing to risk with a probable but not secure return-on-investment in immediate site. For Alan Donegan and Simon Paine, founders of the PopUp Business School (touring the UK this summer), there’s invaluable lessons to be learned for any socioeconomic class.

Why Class Valedictorians Don’t Become Millionaires | CNBC

“School has very clear rules, but life doesn’t. Life is messy.”

It’s a clear message from author Eric Barker, who just released his new book “Barking Up The Wrong Tree.” Based off of research from Boston University Professor Karen Arnold’s 1995 book “Lives of Promise: What Becomes of High School Valedictorians,” Barker’s research finds the strange but persistent disconnect between success in a school setting and success in a work setting. The primary reasoning, Barker tells CNBC, is that schooling is based off of structured learning and following strict rules and therefore rewards those who follow those rules and structures the best.

Perhaps the most telling statistic, Barker found was from a survey of 700 millionaires. The average GPA among the bunch? 2.9.

ASU Offers Interactive Robots For MBA Students To Attend Remotely

In today’s ultimate “huh” headline coming from a business school, Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business’ Professional Flex MBA will soon be featuring a trio of interactive robots. “Carey, Sparky and Gizmo will be wheeled out in MBA classrooms,” according to a press release. “A rolling stand that holds a tablet will allow students to actively participate in class without being present on campus. Students will be able to see, hear and interact with their professor and classmates using the tablet’s microphone and camera.”

Harvard Business School Announces Fee Waiver For Members Of The Military

Shortly after this year’s Memorial Day celebration, Harvard Business School formally announced a new MBA fee waiver for all active military service members.

HBS students transitioning from active military service compose an important part of each MBA class. The application fee waiver is designed to reflect the value HBS places on having military voices in the classroom and in the community, given the significant leadership skills and experiences they bring from their time in service.

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