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Olin Business School – Washington University in St. Louis - Full-Time MBA

Washington Olin Full-Time MBA Program Structure

The Olin Business School full-time MBA program, better known as the WashU MBA, is one of the more internationally-focused MBA programs in the world. Students in the program, after a two week residency in St. Louis, Missouri, begin a five-week residency tour to Washington D.C., Spain, and then China before returning to St. Louis to begin the fall semester. After which, students will begin the more traditional course work, starting with core courses.

The total number of credits required to complete the program is 67. Approximately 41.5 credit hours are designed for core courses, and 25.5 credit hours are for elective courses. Students also have the opportunity to complete the program in an accelerated format, or pair it with other specialized master’s degrees.


The credits per semester are split up as follows:

• Summer semester 1 (16 credits)
• Fall semester 1 (16 credits)
• Spring semester 1 (14 credits)
• Summer semester 2 (internship)
• Fall semester 2 (15 credits)
• Spring semester 2 (six or more credits)

Olin offers MBA students five distinct career pattern “platforms” to choose from: consulting; entrepreneurship; finance; marketing; and operations/supply chain. The distinct platforms help structure what kind of elective courses, internships, clubs, and projects students may participate in.

Full-Time MBA Rankings

• U.S. News & World Report: 26 (tie)
• Bloomberg: 32 (U.S.); 37 (Global)
• Forbes: 29
• Financial Times: 54
• The Economist: 37

Class Profile

The most recent Olin Business School full-time MBA class featured 135 total students. The average age of the class is 28. Students joined the full-time MBA with a 693 GMAT score, 4.1 years of work experience, and a GPA of 3.47. About 42 percent of the class are female students, 31 percent are international students, and 22 percent are underrepresented U.S. minorities.

Career Statistics

The median base salary of Olin MBA graduates is $107,600 and the median signing bonus is $25,000. An estimated 97 percent of program graduates earn job offers within three months of graduation.

Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Annual tuition for the Washington Olin full-time MBA program is $59,950 ($29,975 per semester). The school estimates that costs can rise from 4-6 percent annually.

First-year students must also pay a $550 fee for the GO! Program, and a $260 activity fee and $475 health and wellness fee. Health insurance fees are also required if students do not already have a form of coverage.

U.S. applicants can help finance their education through Federal direct unsubsidized loans and graduates plus loans, as well as private loans. All students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships.


In order to apply to the Washington Olin full-time MBA program, applicants must submit:

• A completed online application
• Official transcripts
• A one-page résumé
• Two essay questions and an optional third essay
• A career plan (250 word limit)
• One letter of recommendation
• GMAT/GRE Scores
• TOEFL or IELTS scores (if necessary for non-native English speaking applicants)

Interviews may be conducted on an invite-only basis. There is no fee for applying to the program.

Application deadlines are as follows:

Round Three – March 27, 2019

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