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Ivey Business School – Western University Canada

Ivey Accelerated MBA Program Structure

The Ivey Accelerated MBA program at Western University Canada is available for recent HBA graduates. Instead of the normal one-year MBA program, students who have received their HBA degree from Ivey within the past six years can be awarded their MBA in eight months. Applicants are still expected to have two years of full-time employment experience.


The Ivey Accelerated MBA has career management integrated into its curriculum and gives students opportunities to complete major research projects and international learning. While this degree covers a lot of the same ground as the full-time MBA, it takes into account what students learned during their undergraduate work and allows students to bypass coursework that they have already covered during their HBA.

Students begin research classes as well as courses in Economics, Communications, and Business Essentials.

During the eight months, students will take five electives. During this time, students choose to specialize and drill down into one of five career-focused electives: Finance, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy & Leadership, International Management, and Marketing.

The final module is GLOBE where students will learn about leadership and the global business environment while also completing a Business Plan Pitch for a real company.

Students can also participate in the LEADER Project where they’ll consult on business plans for local entrepreneurs and business owners in the Caribbean, Africa, Central Asia and South America.

Class Profile

The most recent Ivey Accelerated MBA class contains a total of 148 students. They are 73 percent male and 27 percent female. They have an average of 4.6 years of work experience and an average age of 28-years old. Their median GMAT score is 670. They have citizenship in 22 different countries and speak 29 different languages. The main industry of focus among them is finance (26 percent) with professional services (15 percent) and energy/resources (10 percent) coming in second and third.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for the July 2018 school year is $53,000 CAD for Canadian students and $61,000 CAD for international students.

As part of the admissions process, students will complete a Merit-Based Admissions Award and Scholarship Application. Students will be notified of any awards in their offer package prior to the start of the program. There are also options for external scholarships and awards as well as bank loans and government funding.

Admissions Procedures

To apply for the Ivey Accelerated MBA program, applicants must have at least two years of full-time work experience. Applicants will need a resume; two letters of reference, one of which must be from an HBA 1 core professor, an online application, two essays, two video question answers, and a $150 CAD application fee. Applicants require transcripts as well, but Ivey’s admission will obtain them directly.

The GMAT is not required for HBA graduates with a 78 percent or higher average over HBA 1 and HBA 2 combined. The GMAT is required in order to be considered for scholarships and awards.

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