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George Washington University Global MBA Program Structure

The George Washington University Global MBA program is a full-time 21-month program that follows a traditional, two semester model. There is one intake of students per year who begin classes begin in the fall semester, and are divided into blocks of 45-50 students each. During the summer between the first and second years of the program, students are required to complete an internship.


The George Washington University Global MBA program consists of 55.5 credits spread over the course of two years. Three-credit courses in the program are completed in 14 weeks, with 1.5 credit courses taking half that time.

In the first year, students complete the majority of the program’s core courses and a three-credit CAP (Consulting Abroad Project). There are 28.5 credits for core courses and up to 24 credits for electives. The core courses are as follows:

Strategy Fundamentals
Financial Accounting
Decision Making and Data Analysis
Micro for Global Economy
Organizations and Human Capital
Managerial Accounting
Operations Management
Global Perspectives
Business Ethics & Public Policy
Strategic Formulation & Implentation

George Washington University School of Business offers over 200 electives for students to choose from. To satisfy the 24 elective credit requirement, students can fulfill a concentration or special certification. Currently, the school offers 11 different MBA concentrations and four certifications. Twelve of the elective credits can be completed outside of the GWU School of Business and six can be done outside of the university.

Class Profile

The most recent George Washington University Global MBA class consisted of 97 total students, 42 percent of which identify as female. Roughly 47 percent of the class identifies as international, with 8 percent underrepresented minorities. Students enter the program with an average GMAT of 643, a 3.3 undergraduate GPA, and five years of professional work experience. The average age of the class is 28.


George Washington University’s David Fowler Career Center offers comprehensive in-person and online career services, including: assessments, research tools, individual advising, job search strategy workshops, résumé and correspondence development, interview preparation, company sessions, networking opportunities, job postings, and on-campus recruiting.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The George Washington University Global MBA tuition is fixed-rate of $102,000. GWU also charges a Student Association fee of $2.75 per credit hour, totaling up to a maximum of $41.25 per semester. The Consulting Abroad Program Fee is estimated at $2,000.

All applicants are considered for merit-based scholarships. Scholarships are typically awarded in flat amounts ranging from $15,000 to full tuition and cover tuition only. For the Global MBA class 70% of students received a scholarship with an average award of nearly $54,000 – more than half the cost of tuition.

Most student loans are based on either financial need or creditworthiness and are available only to US citizens and permanent residents. GWU students commonly use the Federal Stafford Loan Program, Alternative Education Loans, and the ACCESS Loan Program. Private loans may also be available.

The George Washington School of Business is a partner with the American Association of University Women. Members of the AAUW may be eligible for educational grants.

Admissions Procedures

Applicants to all GWU MBA programs must have completed a four-year degree or its equivalent for admission.

To apply to George Washington University, applicants must submit a completed application form with the $75 dollar non-refundable application fee, official copies of transcripts from each institution attended, current résumé, two essays, and two letters of recommendation (at least one professional).

Official GMAT scores must also be sent in by applicants, and prospective students are required to complete an interview (by invitation only). International applicants that are non-native English speakers must submit TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores with the other requisite materials.

Application Deadlines

Round Two – January 8, 2018
Round Three – March 12, 2018
Round Four – May 1, 2018

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