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Howard University Part-Time MBA Program Structure

The Howard University part-time MBA (evening) program offers the high quality content of the full-time day program to students who wish to continue working during the day. Students who enroll in the part-time program may opt to participate in the accelerated part-time program, which requires completion in three rather than four years.


The Howard University part-time MBA program consists of an aggregate of 54 credit hours to complete the program. All MBA students are required to complete 39 credit hours of core courses that provide the foundation for graduate business education.

In addition to the core curriculum requirement, a student must complete 15 credit hours of elective/concentration courses. The student may choose to either concentrate in a specific discipline or alternatively choose to complete a variety of elective courses toward earning a general MBA. Students may choose one of the following disciplines: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management.

Class Profile

Just like the full-time MBA, Howard University part-time MBA students must enter with an undergraduate degree (or four-year equivalent) and at least two years of professional work experience.


The Career Services Center provides students with access to the Career Resources Library, job and internship opportunities, and the opportunity to participate in career exploration week and on campus recruitment programs. In addition, students have access to self-assessment tools, career consulting, campus wide career resources, career links, and job search advice.

The average total compensation package for the School of Business’ graduating MBAs exceeds $105,000.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The Howard University part-time MBA degree tuition is $1,840 per credit hour.

The Howard University Trustee Tuition Scholarship is a merit-based award (financial need is not a criterion) that recognizes high academic achievement within individual schools and colleges. The Scholarship is awarded annually by the Office of Financial Aid based on recommendations from the Deans of individual schools and colleges.

Most student loans are based on either financial need or creditworthiness and are available only to US citizens and permanent residents. Howard students commonly use the Federal Stafford Loan Program, Alternative Education Loans, and the ACCESS Loan Program. Private loans may also be available.

Admissions Procedures

Applicants to the MBA program must have completed a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Calculus or Applied Calculus is required at the undergraduate level before admission to the program.

To apply to Howard University’s part-time MBA program, applicants must submit a completed application form, college transcripts from degree-granting and non-degree-granting institutions, a current résumé, and three letters of recommendation. The school also requires applicants to complete a personal statement. Applicants must also send in their GMAT or GRE scores and a nonrefundable $75 application fee. International non-native English speaking applicants must also submit TOEFL scores.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester deadlines are as follows:

Round Two – February 1, 2018
Round Three – April 1, 2018 (Final)

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